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The gun of my dreams is a pink Ruger 10/22. I like the .22 because it’s lightweight and easy for a tiny girl like me to shoot, and the pink is just personal preference – something pretty for me to distract myself with in between sunken eyes and rotting limbs.

I always get into arguments with people who try to tell me that a .22 will be useless when it comes to fighting zombies. First of all, if I can’t lift/shoot the thing, it barely even counts as a weapon. Second, if I hit a zombie’s eye socket, it’ll do the trick. Third, I actually found a whole forum thread dedicated to this topic, with nearly everyone agreeing that a .22 would do just fine. Several people pointed out that it might actually be ideal, since it has enough power to enter the skull, but not enough to leave, so it would ricochet around the inside, scrambling up the remaining brain. Another good point is if you get yourself a sniper rifle or something rare/illegal, it’s going to be much harder to find extra ammunition if you survive long enough to run out.

If you’re looking for the toughest gun, the one that will never fail you as so often tragically happens in zombie movies, apparently a Glock is the way to go. Perfect for the apocalypse, since it’s almost impossible to destroy, but in order for it to be effective you really need to be well trained before using it. Just don’t drop it…

For long range/mob attacks, you really can’t beat a rocket launcher or an automatic weapon. The M249 claims to shoot 850 bullets a minute! This would be ideal for people without much sniper training (or just people panicking more than usual), who could use more of a chance to kill without aiming.

Once you (inevitably) end up in close-range with a zombie or two, most people recommend a fire axe. Easier to master and more effective than swords, plus the long handle means you’re out of biting range. (Or, do what this guy did, and mount a chainsaw bayonet on your rifle!) I would strongly advise you NOT to try and fight off hordes or even one zombie with a butcher knife. Even if you destroy it, you’re bound to come out of it with their saliva running through your veins.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    FYI, the 249 jams really bad on STANAG (M16/M4) type mags. Always use a belt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The .22 is a great choice. It may take a couple shots, but you’ll definately get the kill. Plus ammo is light and you can carry tons of it.

  3. Josh says:

    From what I have read, Zombies are attracted to loud noises, therefore a silencer may be in order. If you look on you tube at the Beretta 92 with a silencer, you can see how quiet they are. I would recommend hollow point or hydra shock bullets due to the expansion upon impact, they are a more destructive round and have the ability to fragment. Always keep melee weapons handy though, bullets don’t last forever, I like a sledgehammer. It wont get stuck like an axe in the head of the zombie.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a hand to hand weapon that causes less… mess? I mean a chainsaw may be cool but that’s an awful lot of blood and infected tissue spraying everywhere. Hope you don’t have an open wound. If you get attacked by a mob then your best chance is to run or find a place to snipe from, a rocket launcher is unwieldy and more likely to cause damage to yourself than them (mmm mmm flaming zombies eating you fun fun), and with a automatic weapon you run out of ammo too fast and are more likely to panic and start to spray. Given that a single head shot is more than sufficient to put down the undead, use of an automatic weapon or a shotgun is a waste of ammo. I would prefer a semi-automatic rifle like the m16, lack of auto fire capabilities and possibilities for a silencer. I would probably take two hand to hand weapons, a polearm of some kind (spear halberd etc being that a thrust is all that is needed and with zombies just walking straight at you and the length dispatching a group would be easy) and a closer range weapon for those moments when a large weapon would be unwieldy.

    • donteatmybrain says:

      I disagree – I think close combat should be avoided at all costs. One advantage we definitely have is being able to make use of long-distance weapons. Ammo is definitely a problem, but not an impossible one. That’s why we all need to start stocking up as soon as possible!

      • keefus1 says:

        actually close combat is better dont have to reload 2. never runs out of ammo can open stuff with them try opening somthing with a gun dont have to get attachments to throw a close range weapon just plain dont need attachments to do anything with them. i rest my case five good reasons read it and weep

        • Maya says:

          Hi “Keefus,” you could say five positive things about anything and it wouldn’t mean that thing was worth risking a zombie bite. For example, here are 5 reasons you should have a shark nearby if you’re fighting a zombie. 1) Sharks have big teeth. 2) Sharks are awesome. 3) Sharks could bite a zombie. 4) Sharks have a whole week named after them. 5) Sharks are from the ocean.

          See how that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a shark?

          Close combat is never a good idea if you can avoid it. You never know when a whole swarm of zombies will come around the corner, block your exit, and eat your face. I rest my case. Read it and weep.

  5. Zombiek23 says:

    I think you choice of a .22 would be in a zombie invasion.The pro’s of .22’s are : It’s a lightweight gun. Bullets are one of the common bullets in the would. The bullets are smaller so you can carry them around. The cons of A .22 ARE : It doesnt have alot of weight to smash zombies skulls in, long distance maybe a proplem since it can only go about 30-50 meters. More pros are it’s quiet,it’s more compact and it can be really dirty and you still canput at least 500 rounds through it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    OK, look, I have read Max Brooks’ zombie survival guide. I remember distinctly his section on the .22 Reuger. Your paragraphs on the Rueger are nearly identical, especially the ricochet section and the fact that people say there is not enough power and that you supposedly argue about its potential to ricochet. If you are going to take from Max Brooks at least say that you have the same opinions and mention the section you are taking from, as this is bordering on plagiarizing.

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  8. Fireman_tim says:

    OK, you can silence a .22 very easily, just put an empty plastic bottle on the end of the barrel and fix with tape.
    You wont even hear a thing for the first 5-10 shots. It works.
    I would recommend being all sneaky on a roof top covered in a sheet or covered by a cardboard box so the life-challenged individuals can’t see me, and just change out your soda bottle every 5-10 shots or as required.
    Bring a picnic lunch, sun cream and some full soda bottles and you got yourself a fun day out for the kids :)

    • Rivers says:

      The bullets still break the speed of sound so there is a sonic boom. No weapon can be silenced. Only suppressed which is the word you are looking for.

  9. brainssss says:

    I would go gor the heckler and koch SA80 A2 Carbine, lightweight, a range of 300m, standard 5.56 ammo, accurate as anything. Perfect

  10. Rivers says:

    Have you ever hit a skull with a sword? They break entirely to easy unless you use a machete which isn’t as long as a fire axe nor as heavy. So you’d end up using more energy striking twice with a “sword” than a clean hit with a axe. Kindly go be eaten because you’re to exhausted swinging your sword. I however will survive with my fire axe and .223. A caliber that is only somewhat larger than the.22 but has a lot more power because of extra black powder. (.223 is the most common round. Also known as 5.56)

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