This Month in Zombie News: April 2011

An image of a severed-hand pancake arose from its 2009 grave to make its way through the internet to my heart.

W00t had a super-cute zombie shirt. I’ve heard the joke before, but I didn’t have it on a t-shirt. UNTIL NOW.

An advertising firm apologized for putting a Walking Dead billboard on the side of a funeral parlour. Wait for it… wait for it… there you go.

Everyone and their moms sent me this zombie Easter bunny, but maybe you haven’t seen it yet. (I’m not eating it, obviously – highly contagious.)

An ad agency launched a fakeĀ zombie marketing division to advertise a horrifyingly real zombie-infested 5k obstacle course race, which sounds exactly like the nightmare I had last night, only worse.

A “tattooed zombie” (those are sarcastic air-quotes) became Lady Gaga’s oh god I’m so bored already. Anyway, if you like this sort of thing, it’s a guy who calls himself a zombie because he’s got… a skeleton face? I don’t know.

Most importantly: I REDESIGNED DONTEATMYBRAIN. Enjoy it while you can (I mean until someone tears your guts out with his teeth and you know what it’s like to feel real pain). Kisses!

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