Zombie Killing Knives by Ka-Bar

My birthday’s coming up in a couple weeks, but the presents have already started rolling in. (I maintain an intense Amazon wishlist year-round, to make it as easy as possible for people to buy me stuff. Highly recommended.)

So far, my absolute favorite present – and honestly, I don’t see how anything can beat it – is my brand new Ka-Bar ZK-Famine Tanto Knife (top knife in the image below). Ka-Bar, if you aren’t aware, is known for creating awesome combat knives for the Marine Corps, so when I heard that they came out with a special series called Zombie Killers, the whole set went straight onto my wishlist before I even finished reading the article.

Why they’re amazing:

  • Bright green handles to find them quickly when the lights go out and the zombies are approaching (unfortunately, NOT officially glow-in-the-dark, but  it does make them easier to spot).
  • Super high quality: the blades are made from SK5 steel so they’re solid but super light to carry, and just feel good to the touch (well, unless you’re being stabbed by them).
  • Hilarious names (I couldn’t have named them better myself): War Sword, Pestilence Chopper, Famine Tanto, Death Dagger, to name a few. You can see the whole collection here.
  • Umm, they really do seem sharp enough to take someone’s head off with one slice. I almost cut my finger off just sheathing mine.
I love them all – and hope to collect them all in the very near future – but really wanted the Famine Tanto knife because it’s huge and you can use it for stabbing OR slicing. They all come with super fancy sheaths (seriously, I was shocked by the quality when I opened it), a mini skeleton knife, interchangeable handles in case you’re not a fan of the neon green, and a bunch of string to tie it to your leg or pack or whatever you need to do. Here’s the full description, which does it much better justice than I can:

The Kabar Zombie Killer Famine Tanto was created to ensure its user is prepared in the most extreme of situations, including an apocalyptic attack from flesh eating zombies. The Zombie Killer line came about when some of Kabar’s top officials joked they needed to make knives capable of killing a zombie when firearms aren’t available. The Famine Tanto has wicked partial serrations on the first 1/3 of the blade flowing into a razor sharp plain edge intimidating tanto point. The stout blade is formed from SK5 high carbon tool steel that has been black coated. The grippy toxic green GFN-PA66 handle scales are attached via allen screws to the full tang which comes to a skull splitting point at the bottom. The front of the blade is stamped with the ZK bio-hazard logo and features a lanyard hole. Included with this knife are a set of interchangeable black handles, a MOLLE nylon sheath with front stuff sack and a black ZK neck knife that has its own insert in the sheath.

I’m hopelessly in love with this collection. This knife is the first thing I’ve ever owned that actually makes me look forward to the zombocalypse, when I can start splitting open faces with it. Until then, my cat better stay out of my way.

You can buy them all over the place, but Amazon has them all on sale with free shipping if you’ve got Amazon Prime. LOVE YOU KA-BAR!

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