Zombie Go-Bag

So I had a zombie nightmare the other night where I had to leave my house suddenly when the zombies came and I didn’t have time to take anything with me. It wasn’t super realistic – mainly because all that happened is that I kept asking to go back for my iPad – but it did get me thinking about how unprepared I really am. Sure, I’ve been stocking up on my weapons, but what am I going to run out the door with a handful of machetes?

No. Well, yes. But also: I need to make like a pregnant lady and pack my go-bag.

Toiletries: Dude, every single zombie movie or show I watch, all I can think about is how gross it is that no one ever brushes their teeth. I want a toothbrush, some toothpaste (I assume when I run out I can find… mint leaves?), and an all-in-one cleanser (shampoo / face wash / body wash) to save on space. Give me a break, I’m a lady.

Survival basics: stormproof lighter, first aid kit, a few thin but warm blankets, water purification tablets, and a nice big tarp.

Solar charger for my iPhone and iPad. Even after the 3G in the world stops working, I can entertain myself for hours while I’m hiding from hordes outside. I’ve always thought that part of the apocalypse would be so boring.

LED flashlight: I love my Icon Rogue 2. And I guess I’ll need lots of extra batteries…

Weapons: Hopefully when the time comes, I will own the Gerber apocalypse kit. I would also settle for the Ka-Bar ZK collection, but it’s not my first choice because they don’t come in one convenient (and easy to carry) set. For now, I have my Ka-Bar ZK Famine Tanto knife, and a couple of machetes.

I’m not worrying about food because I’m assuming we’d either be in the city where we could loot people’s houses, or out in the wilderness somewhere where we could hunt and fish. Also, obviously guns are conspicuously missing from this list, but that’s because I still don’t own any. I know, I am the worst zombie survivalist ever. NYC gun laws are strict, okay?

I’m serious about putting this together. What else am I missing?

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