I’ve been talking about zombies for as long as I can remember. I’m not sure what initially left such a big impression on me, but my turning point was definitely reading Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide in college. This book took me from speculative terror to well-informed anxiety. From then on, I was able to argue with people about zombies instead of just recoiling in horror when I heard them mentioned.

I think it was my sister who, in 2008, finally said “Why don’t you just make a blog about your stupid zombies so I don’t have to hear about them anymore?” If I hadn’t been unemployed at the time, I probably would have just called her a name and left the room crying. BUT AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT, I had literally nothing else to do.

Currently, I’m happily employed and living in NYC. I have a very handsome dog and a very handsome cat, and I’ve dressed up as a dead cheerleader for two Halloweens. I can’t imagine what else you would want to know.

PS: Please don’t call me a “zombie fan.” I do not like zombies. I’m really not kidding.


Rob for hosting this site. Without you this would still just be on my computer.
Bruce for patiently showing me how to make the things on my computer appear on other people’s computers.
The guy who made the WordPress Font plugin. I’m sorry I took out your ad but it was really obtrusive. I feel terrible!
Erik for being so impressed by everything I do.