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Best News Ever

Okay. You better sit down for this one. I haven’t been this excited since they clarified that the Walking Dead WASN’T firing all its writers and dooming itself to an early grave, pun intended! Are you ready for this?? Michael … Continue reading

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Write This Down

-I love charts.

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You can’t argue with infographics

I love when I lecture everyone about something, and they all roll their eyes, and then someone makes a pie chart and then they HAVE to listen to me. You’re zombie food, people. Deal with it. (Thanks to Craig for … Continue reading

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Zombie Categories

I found a good, original system for classifying zombies from a user in the forums of the Zombie Preparedness Initiative. You should learn these categories now, so that when the time comes you know what you’re dealing with. Note: by … Continue reading

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Zombie Types

For when you need to tell exactly what you’re up against.

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