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This Shit Bothers Me

1. For the last time. There is no such thing as fast zombies. Every single movie you are thinking of that includes them is either bullshit or not about zombies. Infected humans are very different; there is still hope to … Continue reading

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Yes, I am really that crazy.

The zombie sign, if you haven’t seen it, is this. (Click image for directions on hacking road signs to warn the masses.) Want more crazy? http://twitter.com/mayafish.

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Zombie Categories

I found a good, original system for classifying zombies from a user in the forums of the Zombie Preparedness Initiative. You should learn these categories now, so that when the time comes you know what you’re dealing with. Note: by … Continue reading

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Q: WTF is a zombie? Don’t you mean an infected human? I saw “I Am Legend” and I know everything. A: First of all, read The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. You’ll find it in the humor section, but … Continue reading

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Why Do Zombies Eat Brains?

This is probably the hardest question to answer. An internet search reveals that no one knows what the hell they’re talking about. The most common answer is “Omg I don’t think zombies are even real.” Um, thanks. The real controversy … Continue reading

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